Winbell Monthly

One room type condominium(we provide 54 rooms)

Winbell Monthly  Vacancy situation  March 25(Sunday),2018

Less than one month-stay  from April 20(Friday),2018   1 room possible entry

Over one month-stay  from April 20(Friday),2018  1 rooms possible entry

 The rent for each room is 99,000yen - 135,000yen per a month


and power,gas,water supply fee around 17,000yen per a month

Connecting Inter Net is free of charge

We use high speed digital communication line

So you need not dial up, and there is no irritation

(ex,slow response and so on) We supply every room


 Telephon,Fax,Bed,Bedclothes,Refrigerator,Bath, Toilet,Desk,TV,Air conditioner,Kitchen



24hours security systems assure your safety  


Telephon (Japan)+813-3378-0008
3-8-2 Yoyogi Shibuya-Ward Tokyo Japan

Close JR Sinjyuku Station Yoyogi Station